Shame. Shame. Shame.


Last week was embarrassing. I am ashamed of myself for walking into Danny’s studio full of false confidence. I knew good and well my fingers lacked the muscle memory needed to play Simon & Garfunkle, a 7 page arrangement I promised I’d learn.

I could blame it on my internship with the Symphony Orchestra. I could also blame it on my current romantic interest–the most social (or “busy body”) man I’ve dated in a long while. I could even blame it on the numerous U.S. states I’ve visited this summer. But no matter what my excuse is, it will never erase the shame I felt in Danny’s studio.

Well, that was then, and today is a positive now. I’m sitting at my MacBook after a long weekend in Georgia, thankful that I took my guitar along because I made major improvements in my fingerpicking. I may have already said this, but I did not expect this summer to be me fighting distractions–that’s exactly what it’s come down to.

I see Danny on Thursday and I am determined to blow him away. Seeing the disappointment in my guitar teacher’s eyes feels no different than disappointing my own father.


It’s been a busy summer!

ID-100234772It seems to be that I’ve overextended myself this summer and because of that fact, Tipsy Tuesday will go on hiatus.

With my busy schedule, I’ve discovered that the mornings are now the best time to practice. Just like the old days, I’ve begun see Danny for guidance.  Although I was attached to Alek, I realized I learn more material (faster) with Danny.  He’s been pushing me and making my practice routine significantly longer.  Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough because it’s become so important to impress him.  Is that backwards?

I guess it could be viewed as such but I know if I make him the slightest impressed, my performance will be astounding–beyond my very own goals.  I suppose that’s the benefits of having a mentor with high expectations of his students.  In comparison, Alek was constantly complimenting me when I knew good and well that I did not practice to the best of my ability.

“Okay, let’s hurry up and get you back into this,” Danny told me.  “There’s no telling how long I’ll have with you.  You might move across the country again.”

It makes me laugh to know that he knows me well enough to accurately predict my adventure seeking agenda… and as usual, Danny is right.  Adventure seeking or not, I need to find my groove.  It’s taking me a bit longer than expected this summer…

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