4 Reasons Why I Love Playing in Girl Bands


Faye has been practicing regularly for 2 months now.  This past month we bumped up to 2 practices a week!  And because of that and our goal to play our first show in December (fingers crossed), I feel compelled to share my favorite things about being an all girl rock band.

1) Constant communication – This is a no brainer.  Men and women communicate differently.  As a group of female musicians, we are better listeners than our male counter-parts and are surprisingly more laid back than most men we know.  The only thing is… we tend to be “too nice” in fear of hurting one another’s feelings when sharing opinions.  Maybe that’ll fade away the longer we play together?

2) Absence of gender stereotypes -“She plays great for a girl.”
On more than one occasion I’ve over heard my guy friends and even male acquaintances discuss how there are “no good female guitarists” and girls only play Bass guitar because it’s “easiest.”  Playing with Faye has been a no-pressure, judgement-free zone allowing us to practice to the best of our abilities without being scrutinized as we play “like girls.”

3) Naturally organized – We enter the practice room with a goal in mind.
Enough said.

4) Simply saying I’m in a girl band – There’s just something empowering about it!  I wish there were more in Charlotte.

Well, that’s all (for now).  Happy Friday!  🙂