Tipsy Tuesday: It’s okay to lose sleep to reach your goals


ID-10022288Please tell me this: who’s the loser that suggested everyone to do their “fun leisure activities” after completing uninteresting/difficult work assignments?

I’m kidding.  They’re not a loser, but really, I disagree with whomever advised everyone because, ya know, what?  By the end of the day, you’re too tired to do what you enjoy most.  But if you still haven’t completed that time sensitive project for work, you will sacrifice your sleep, sanity, and free time (if you have any) for your boss.  That never happens when it’s something enjoyable like… oh, I don’t know… practicing guitar.  Instead, you convince yourself to finish your duties earlier tomorrow as you crawl into bed for the night.  Doing so results in everyday responsibilities being a determent to your success in learning music.

And honestly, that’s been me the past week, so clearly that piece of advice simply does not work for me.  When I finally acknowledged my blog has been unusually quiet for a week due to my guitars being just as silent, I realized something was wrong.  I love this blog.  I love practicing guitar.  So when I have time, I must do it right then.  If something is important, it will get done because I will lose sleep if necessary–you can make time.

Tonight, I experienced one of my many “A-HA” moments: there is always someone sacrificing their sleep to pursue their dreams on top of their everyday duties.  As I sat parked in front of a red traffic light, I thought about Thomas Edison, Mindy Kaling and other successful people who admitted to losing an abundance of sleep to work on their passion. I thought, “why can’t that be me and my readers, too?”  Reasonably, of course.

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