Trust your gut, always


I’ve reached a point in my twenties where I finally feel like I’m on the right path.  Though I am uncertain if my quarter-life crisis is now behind me, I’ve regained confidence in where I stand in this crazy world we live in.  It took a career change, unemployment, graduate school, and a lot nay-sayers who were compelled to tell me that my goal to work in the music field is impossible.

There was actually a moment when I believed them but after a lot of time struggling to think and claw my way “out of the box,” I managed to tear down those pessimistic cardboard walls and climb out of the mental confinement many people choose to stay in.  All I did was identify (specifically) what I wanted and learn how to ask for it.  And the end result?

I landed a wonderful internship that is the furthest thing from fetching coffee and clerical work–I’m managing fundraising projects for the symphony orchestra!  Nothing feels better than utilizing energy from my passion (music) in the workplace.  I almost gave up and settled on something outside of music because I couldn’t think of anything both realistic and satisfying. But in reality, working in music is realistic after all.  I may not be working with a big name record label but in all honesty, the idea of helping my community fund music programs makes me happier than working with any big name star.

After this summer internship, I hope to work for a similar arts-related company as a Development Associate.  But one step at a time.  The hardest thing about my 20s is accepting that I cannot plan my life out exactly.  I’m just trusting my gut and doing what I love, as I go with the flow!

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2 thoughts on “Trust your gut, always

  1. Good on you kristen. Trusting your gut can be like letting a blind man guide you sometimes. It can make you feel a lack of confidence at times.Unsure if your decision was a correct one. But the thing with a blind man is that he is probably more in tune with his surroundings and making the correct decisions, than someone who can see. A blind man can’t afford to make mistakes like crossing the road when ever he wants to. He has to use all his instincts, judgmental ability and good ole common sense to find his way. Something that some of us lack, everything in.
    Good luck with your music development n jeep jammin.

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