Pomp & Circumstance


If you’re anything like me, you may have developed the bad habit of viewing skipped practices as a monumental setback.  Well, after graduation last Thursday, I’ve realized that nothing was monumental about prioritizing my thesis instead of guitar — with the exception of receiving a Masters degree in return (obviously!).

Developing a healthy, balanced routine is something I struggled with the last two years but I am determined to improve as I return to working full-time.  If I could go back in time I’d focus on balancing my time between school work and practicing guitar, as much as I found time for afternoon naps (AKA coffee crash recovery).


One thought on “Pomp & Circumstance

  1. Yes, balance, life is all about balance and delicately maneuvering from one thing to another when required in an intricate balance of timing, finesse [sometimes], strategy, confidence in your decision making. That’s what life skills are all about and it’s the hardest to learn out of all the things we learn through life. But great if you can get all aspects of your life to flow in harmony with one another.
    Have a great day Kristen

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