3 Days ‘Til Graduation


ID-100111557Let me be honest with you… I was riding the struggle bus last week. Practice is currently at an all time low and it’s not that I’m uninspired.  It’s just life… it “happened.”  I made the decision to leave California and move back east, so I have a lot going on to say the least.  On top of that graduation is on Thursday so I will pack up and move 4 days later.  Everything is happening so fast!

To simply sit down and practice is like pulling teeth–It’s painful and I hardly budge because I can’t focus.  What’s strange is that I’m pumped up about guitar because I’ve been listening to Paul Gilbert’s solo albums exclusively.  I’m accumulating a lot of ideas to use but when a guitar is in my hands, that energy dissipates because I think about everything else that needs to get done.  You know… Packing, farewell parties, negotiating with ultra-cheap Craigslist buyers, job hunting, and all those fun activities on my “To Do” list.

During my last practice session I used a timer: 5 min open chords, 5 min barre chords, 10 min scales, 5 min locating notes on the fret board, 10 min soloing with backing tracks.  It wasn’t too bad but I hate that it’s come to where 5 minutes feels like 30 minutes.

I’m excited for what the future has in store for me after graduate school but I’m also looking forward to things settling down and regaining my focus.

Image courtesy of mrpuen / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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