Rainy day, bad news

In fear of sounding like a cliché sap, I rarely admit this sort of thing… But this post seems well-suited for the disappointed, nostaligic yet hopeful mood I’m experiencing after hearing bad news today.  And I’m sure thousands of others are just as heartbroken.

My favorite band, The Dangerous Summer (TDS) is pretty much… kaput. I’ve followed this band since 2009, crushed on AJ Perdomo (naturally), had the pleasure of meeting AJ and Cody, collected their records and have been changed forever by TDS’s lyrics.

Although AJ will be a father next month, I know this will not be the the end of his music career.  As musicians, we must recognize when we’ve outgrown our environment.  I, personally, know a few people who stay in the same band knowing the members stunt their growth and creativity.  It’s a difficult situation but it’s more important to get out than stay for the sake of avoiding confrontation and hurt feelings.  I never sought out the band’s internal conflicts.  Instead, I just hoped it wouldn’t get in the way of music.

I have high hopes for the members of TDS as they close this chapter in their lives and start anew.  They’re the only band that’s had such a huge impact on me and today, reminded me to keep pushing the boundaries of my own dreams and success.

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