Paying for guitar lessons motivation

Chuck Taylor

Every Sunday at 11:50am, I walk two blocks to my guitar lesson.  Always excited.  Often rushed.  Sometimes sweaty.  But more importantly, always excited.

“I enjoy having students who practice the material and progress in each lesson,” Alek complimented me, “it’s frustrating when students come here and say ‘oh, I didn’t practice all week.'”

“They actually admit that?” fell out of my mouth as I recalled the many times I would do the same thing as a drummer.  The only difference being I always tried to cover it up by practicing two hours before a lesson; needless to say, that rarely worked.

After Alek confirmed my question, I opened up:

“Ya know, I did the same when I was a drummer–I wasn’t into drums like I am with guitar,” I freely admitted.  “So I understand it.”

It’s kind of like paying for a gym membership and never working out.  Sometimes people think if they pay someone it’ll motivate them but in reality it’s a waste of money.  You can’t pay for something you don’t have (motivation) and expect to be successful without trying.  It actually takes effort beyond showing up at your job to receive the pay check that you’re putting towards lessons.

I guess when that happens it’s important to revisit why you’re interested and evaluate how badly you want it before realizing you’re in the very same condition you were in to begin with… just broke.

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