Yin Yang: What my life’s lacking

2012 Michael Schenker Yin Yang Electric Guitar

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I’d be lying if I said I was looking forward to writing an update.  It’s just, this week has been a whole lot of stress.

6 weeks until my thesis is due
8 weeks until I present my thesis
12 weeks until graduation

Needless to say, the library’s been my second home the past week and I put practicing guitar on the back burner.  Can I fit practice sessions in?  Of course I can!  I don’t know why I haven’t squeezed time in the mornings.  Instead, I’m freaking out like the the sky is falling and this weekend I experienced the repercussion of that because I crashed… hard.

The past two days I’ve been so exhausted.  All my body wanted to do was sleep and my eyes were exhausted from staring at my laptop hours upon hours each day.  Not to mention, my hip flexors are now tight from sitting at a desk like a workaholic.  I’m not doing that anymore.

I’m not going to continue to kill myself for another 6 weeks.  I can play guitar on my breaks–standing up!  That’ll be a nice change.  And honestly, I’m mad at myself.  I just LOST an entire week of practicing.  I should be better than I was a week ago, but no.  My goal for the following week is to find a happy balance.  Obviously graduating is my priority but I should not sacrifice my health and sanity for it.

8 thoughts on “Yin Yang: What my life’s lacking

  1. Trying to find a balance is something I learnt through experience as well. Now, work and life are totally separated. I read an interview with Slash where he said you have to play standing up, because its totally different from sitting. I stand and play as much as I can now. I even walk around the house like a wandering minstrel, don’t know what my kids think (2 and 5 so probably doesn’t even register). Keep up the good practice!

      • It is so different, isn’t it. Your wrist is at a whole different angle. As blissinger said, you can’t see the frets, so you have to start trusting that your fingers know where they are supposted to land! Also, how high to you adjust your guitar strap? Is it too high, too low? I saw a tutorial by Ron “Bumblefoot” Thai, where he plays two scales at the same time. He says you can’t think about it when you’re doing it… easy for him :o)

  2. The problem I have with standing up is the angle of the guitar: I couldn’t see all the strings! Which told me I really had to get the “Braille of the Fretboard” and stop looking at my left hand. Besides, I sing too, and if I’m constantly checking my fretting I’m turning away from the mic. Besides, it’s not like you can perform sitting down, unless you play jazz or Flamenco, so might as well practice the way you’re going to perform. My husband is a painter as well as a jazz guitarist, and he has even started painting standing up.

  3. I found you through the Community Pool and love that you’re seeking support during this endeavor.

    I’ve played for years. Remember that you are developing muscle memory so spending 10 minutes a day every day is more advantageous than practicing an hour per week

    • Oh, cool. I love how the Community Pool affords the opportunity to connect with insightful bloggers!

      I appreciate your feedback because you’re so right. I tend to make the mistake of thinking that I need to spend at least 1 hr/day practicing guitar. Thanks for the reminder!

      • Happy to help…also (since you know scales) another note memorization trick is to play single notes of a scale on a single string. You could even do this as a mental exercise away from the guitar. Like B flat major on the E string would be 1st fret = F, 3rd = G, 5th = A, 6th = B flat, 8th = C, 10th = D, etc.

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