Realism + Stubborness = Success?

Realism is what we sometimes lack in regards to mastering an instrument or any other skill set. We tend visualize achieving our goals without the monotonous hard work that is necessary to reach them.   Now, believe me, I  am a fan of visualization but only focusing on the overall outcome may only lead to failure or even worse, quitting.  Ultimately, we must conceptualize the process we must adopt to become the successful, bad ass we strive to be!

Now here’s the realism again: this process will require a tremendous amount of time and energy to achieve your goals and the talent you aspire. It’s not going to be easy because to truly master this instrument, we must go beyond what is
reasonable, practical and even normal. …That is the visual I am trying to embrace myself.

I want to adopt the mindset of doing “enough” is actually not enough. I love reading memoirs and biographies of successful people, and the biggest thing I’ve learned is successful people never do what is “normal” or “just enough.” Sacrifices will be made in terms of extras in life beyond necessities, so what will those be for you and me?

Whatever level of mastery you or I desire to achieve, understand the commitment, stubbornness and realism that must be put in to get out something incredible beyond our imagination!

I’m sure me asking you these questions may seem silly but seriously think about this if you haven’t already: what must you do to achieve your goals? 

Okay.  Now think about how and when you will do that.

Was your answer to practice regularly?  Well, okay, when? What time? How long? How often?

Six days a week, I practice twice a day by dividing my session into AM and PM practices with the goal of 2 hours (minimum 1 hour) each.  This is reasonable for me because of my free time and the sacrifice of going home early instead of staying out late with friends like I’ve done in the past.

Maybe you already practice regularly and want to start a band.  Who are you going to contact?  What type of personality traits and work ethic are you looking for in band members?  What social media platforms will you use to contact people?

I suppose what I’m getting at is to stop saying you’re going to simply do something.  We’ve both been down that road and where did it lead us?  To a blog, apparently.  So develop a plan of action instead and implement it this week! If you fall off, try again. It’s never too late and it’s not failure unless you quit, which I REFUSE to let you do. We are in this together.

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