The little things

You will be very proud of me:  I received a $100 mail-in rebate from upgrading my cell phone (Thank you Verizon Wireless) and used it responsibly: Guitar stuff & groceries.

At my local music store, I purchased a stand for my sheet music and a metronome. The stand is pretty explanatory… I’ve been putting my sheet music and tabs on top of of my floor tom, a large drum from my drum kit.  Because of that and long hours in front of my computer, my neck is not so happy.  I’m convinced  it’s a decent investment with a small price tag that’ll keep my chiropractor and health insurance happy.

Now, the metronome is something I’ve been debating for years. I lost my it back when I was a devote drummer. Instead of purchasing a new one I used a cell phone app which is just as good, however, I often get distracted by text messages. My solution? I put my cell phone on silent during practice sessions but I could still view my nofications when I’d change the tempo. With the extra cash, I finally replaced my missing metronome that I just knew would appear any day now.

Sure enough, it’s the little things that improve the efficiency of practice.  What do you do to improve your productivity and focus?

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